Donate Instruments

Lack of access to an instrument is one of the primary barriers to children learning to play.

At Scrollworks, we loan an instrument to any student in exchange for a small deposit, which is then refunded upon return of the instrument. Students and parents are instructed in proper care of their instrument and are responsible for replacing strings, rosin, reeds, etc.

We gratefully accept donations of any instrument you might find in an orchestra: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. There's a good chance it will go directly into a child's hands upon arrival!

At the moment, we have a waiting list for French horn, bassoon, and string bass.

If you have an instrument that may not be in great shape or perhaps you don't even know if it plays, we have professionals who volunteer their services to repair our instruments.

For donors in the Birmingham area, instruments may be dropped off when the building is open on teaching days. These are listed on the calendar. If that is not convenient, please email to arrange a more suitable drop-off time.

For donors outside of Birmingham, you may ship instruments to:


c/o St. Paul United Methodist Church

1500 6th Ave N.

Birmingham, AL 35203