Spring 2023

Solo Concert

Special Guest Performance
Byron Thomas, Piano

Piano Solo
Sword Dance
Carolyn Wenndt

Piano Solo
Lightly Row

Special Guest Performance
What If God Is Unhappy with Our Praise
Barbara L. Stewart Women's Chorus

Piano Solo
Little River

Flute Solo
Ain't Nobody Gonna Turn Me Around
Owen, accomp. by Elliot

Piano Solo
This Is Not Jingle Bells

Piano Solo
Flute Song

Trumpet Solo
Autumn Leaves

Piano Solo
Cossack Ride

Piano Solo
My Invention

Cello Solo
La Cinquantaine

Piano Solo

Piano Solo
Dog Waltz

Trumpet Solo
Take Five

Piano Solo
Mixed-Up Song
Sailing in the Sun

Piano Solo
Half-Time Show

Flute Duet
Trifle (Round)
Zahra, accomp. by Sara Peacock

Piano Solo
Kum Ba Ya

Piano Solo
Prelude No. 2
Adio Querida

Piano Solo
Shostakovich March

Clarinet Solo
Lift Every Voice

Ensemble Concert

Special Performance
St. Paul UMC Choir

Chamber Orchestra
Jesus Loves Me
Trumpet Tune
Rayah, Ienn, Katie, Kaitlyn,
Evelyn, Chaniya 

Beginning Percussion
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Hot Cross Buns
Going Higher
Joseph, Simon

Recorder Ensemble
It Is Well With My Soul
The Water Is Wide
Don't Stop Believing
Dane Lawley, Abram Griffith, Carolyn Wenndt,
Elliot, Morgan Prater, Chamare, Sara Peacock

Pre-Reader Strings
Circle Strings
Aeryn, Makal, Kinsley

Beginning Strings
Mary Had a Little Lamb
French Folk Song
Aeryn, Penelope, Kinsley

Winds 1A
Rolling Along
Hot Cross Buns
Au Clair de la Lune
Owen, Carolyn Wenndt, Chloe,
Elliot, Makenzy, Ioann, William

Advanced Percussion
Taiko À La Tom-Tom
Abram Griffith, Eliot, Emily

Special Performance
Carlton Reese Memorial Unity Choir

Instrument Explorers
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Iovanni, Madeline, Carolyn Wenndt

Flute Ensemble
Odd Socks
I Know It Was The Blood
Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow
Sweet Hour
Finda, Emily, Leah, Sara Peacock

Intermediate Strings
Ode to Joy
Lightly Row
Phoebe, Ioann, Kyriea, Kennadi, Naomi, Harmony

Recorder Karate
Gently Sleep
Merrily We Roll Along
Isaac, Eliose, Madeline, Nathaniel, Simon

Scrollworks Choir
I Choose Love
We Shall Overcome
This Little Light of Mine
Owen, Emily, Kerrington, Josephine,
Sylvia, Carolyn Wenndt, Abram Griffith

Scrollworks Orchestra
William Tell Overture (Finale)
Arranged and conducted by Abram Griffith
Emily, Zahra, Elliot, Owen, Dane Lawley,
Phoebe, Liv, Finda, Clarity, Ever,
Lauren Blankenship, Nicholas, Sara Peacock

Combined Singing and Playing by Scrollworks Students, St. Paul UMC Choir, and Carlton Reese Memorial Unity Choir

All God's Critters Have a Place in the Choir

Last names are removed for privacy.