What About Piano Donations?

We know you want your beloved piano to find a great home, preferably with a musical family.

Over the years, we have tried several ways to accept piano donations and distribute them to interested Scrollworks families.

Unfortunately, we have run into several roadblocks:

First, we need to get the piano evaluated by a professional. It's a challenging to find someone to do the evaluation and that service has a cost. Most of our families are low income and neither they nor Scrollworks can afford to pay for significant repairs.

Second, we do not have ready access to the right equipment and vehicles. We have on occasion rented piano dollies to help us move a donated piano--but these aren't available locally any longer.

Third, it's difficult to coordinate volunteers willing to move a piano on a regular basis. Most people who want to donate have a deadline, which doesn't give us a lot of leeway.

We are a small organization with one full time staff member. We just do not have the people power to manage piano donations.

What should you do with your piano?

We're not sure! Thrift stores? Schools? Churches? We've heard different stories at different times about who is picking up, who is accepting. We've also heard that there are no professional piano movers in the area.

This makes us sad.