This page contains all of the uploaded music that features piano. Solo piano, piano and voice, piano and violin, etc. Music that has a piano part that is not prominent will not be found on this page.

Always In The Way Chas. K. Harris

.pdf (1903) Piano and Voice, Featured by Jere Sanford

Curse of a Pretty Face Will F. Burke

I can find very little information on Mr. Burke, and the only references found by a quick Google search to this song were .pdfs from various online libraries and such.

The Curse of a Pretty Face (1901) piano and voice

Dear Old Pal of Mine Harold Robé and Gitz Rice

Piano and voice in A♭. The idea for this song was conceived while on sentry duty during World War 1.

.pdf .flac (audio recording) Wiki

Garden of Roses J.E.Dempsey and Johann Schmid

Information on either the piece or the composers is not easy to find.

Piano and Low Voice in E Minor

The Garden of Roses (1910) .pdf .flac (audio recording)

Goodbye Broadway, Hello France! Billy Baskette, C. Francis Reisner, and Benny Davis

.pdf (1917) Piano and Voice
While the song was popular during its time, it also saw a revival during World War II, where some soldiers preferred World War I songs over the war songs being produced at the time.

High School March Harold Spencer

.pdf (1909) Piano solo

Hot Lips Henry Busse, Henry Lange, and Lou Davis

.pdf (1922) Piano and Voice

Hungarian Gypsy Alexander Tsfasman

Alexander Tsfasman (1906, 1971) was a Soviet jazz pianist, composer, conductor, arranger, publisher, and activist.

Hungarian Gypsy (1926) The only mention of this piece I can find is a copy on IMSLP. There used to be a copy on MuseScore and a recording on YouTube, but those have since been removed for reasons unknown.


I'm Dreaming in the Twilight of... John C. Sycamore

I Want a Daddy Who Will Rock Me to Sleep A. Baldwin Sloane, Philip Bartholomae, and John Murray Anderson

.pdf (1919) Piano and Voice
From The Greenwhich Village Follies

The Japanese Sandman Richard A. Whiting and Raymond B. Egan

.pdf (1920) Piano and Voice

Cover art by Frederick Mannino

L'Argentine Eugène Ketterer

.pdf (1855) Piano solo

Leave Me with a Smile Earl Burtnett and Chas. Koehler

.pdf (1921) Piano and Voice

Love's Ship Nellie and Alice Nadine Morrison

.pdf (1920) Piano and Voice, Feature song of the screen classic Shore Acres

Napoleon's Last Charge Edw. Ellis, Arranged by E.T.Paull (with two l's)

Napoleon's Last Charge (1910), nor this arrangement, are exactly difficult to locate on the internet, unlike some of the other things on this page. It has a very colorful cover which might be worth clicking on just to see. The recording (link below) is not of this arrangement, but rather what I can assume is Mr. Ellis' original, written for band.

Piano solo. This copy includes an article on the Battle of Waterloo.

.pdf .flac (audio recording)

Not For a Million Dollars Would I Give Up My Boy J. Fred DeBerry

.pdf (1903) Piano and Voice, sung with unparalleled success by the popular baritone, Fred Walsh

Oh Ceclia (From The Queen of the Movies) Edward Paulton, Glen Mac Donough, and Jean Gilbert

.pdf (1913) Piano and Voices

Oh, Susie, Behave Ed Rose and Abe Olman

.pdf (1918) Piano and Voice

On the Shores of Tripoli Paul Cunningham, Al Dubin, and Irving Weill

.pdf Piano and Voice

'Round the Corner Otto Harbach, Bide Dudley, and Rudolf Friml

'Round the Corner (1919) Piano and voice. From the musical "The Little Whopper"

She Lives Down in Our Alley Charles McCarron and Charles Bayha

.pdf (1915) Piano and Voice, Introduced by Ruth Roye

Someone A. J. Holmes and C. M. Denison

.pdf (1911) Piano and Voice, Cover art by M. W. Craig

Sparklets Walter E Miles

.pdf (1911) Piano Solo

The Man Behind The Gun Edward W. Corliss

.pdf (1899) Piano and Voice, from the Three Little Lambs musical comedy, which premired Christmas Day

The Merry Go Round Richard Goerdeler

.pdf (1895) Piano

The Songs of Ages Jerome Heller

.pdf (1914) Piano and Voice

Three O'Clock in the Morning Dorothy Terriss and Julian Robledo

.pdf (1922) Piano and Voice

Valse Chromatique Theodor Leschetizky

.pdf (1896) Piano

You'll Do The Same Thing Over Again Alfred Bryan and Albert Gumble

.pdf (1911) Piano and Voice, Featured by Violet MacMillan