In-Person Private Lessons

Scrollworks is offering 30-minute, private in-person instruction to beginner violin and wind students on Saturday mornings and Monday afternoons. See our Spring 2021 page for more information and to register.

Violin is an especially difficult instrument to approach online as a beginner. The instrument is built to be tuned with adult hands and dexterity. Flute and clarinet students benefit from some in-person instruction due to the difficulties explaining embouchure (mouth position) and using reeds.

In order for the student to succeed, parents and guardians will need to speak with the teacher about how best to lend support by checking in with the student throughout the week. Learning to tune your child's instrument is highly recommended! Our teachers are happy to assist you.

We also offer private lessons in voice, piano, cello, guitar, ukulele, and recorder online! Check out our teachers!

Safety protocols as recommended by the CDC will be strictly adhered to, including forehead scanned temperature checks, the wearing of masks, and the observance of social distancing. Thank you for helping us stay safe!