Scrollworks Lessons and Classes

Covid Update! For now, all classes and most lessons will remain online.

The exception is for new beginners on violin and winds. We will offer in-person private lessons for these students with two of our most experienced teachers on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings. All safety protocols will be followed, including physical distancing and masks.

We are offering help to our families, lending support with technology and devices, so that online lessons are the highest possible quality for student and teacher. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a need.

Registered students will be contacted by their teacher before January 9 about scheduling, instruments and music books.

We are watching Alabama's COVID stats and hoping to do in-person rehearsals of small chamber groups later in the semester.

Classes will start January 9. See our calendar here.

Registration for the Scrollworks Spring Semester is now open.

Please email about cello openings. We are so lucky to have Molly Goforth teaching virtually for us this semester!

Scrollworks offers group instruction and ensembles for orchestral instruments, piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, recorder and art to children ages 6 to 18, including students with disabilities.

The spring semester consists of 12 classes/lessons culminating in a (hopefully in-person) performance in mid-May.
Except for the in-person lessons, your teacher will reach out to arrange a compatible teaching schedule.

Registration fee: $80 per instrument (pay what you can) + $25 per elective (pay what you can)

We loan instruments (if available) for a $25 refundable deposit.
Scrollworks encourages our students to use this loaned instrument in their school band or orchestra as long as they continue to fully participate in classes and ensembles at Scrollworks.

For some instrument instruction and electives, we will be placing students in small online group classes rather than private lessons. We will be building on the group classes that were successful in the fall. Placement will be based on skill level and schedule compatibility. This will allow more students to participate.


Classes for Each Child's Age and Skill:

For Age 6, we offer an Instrument Explorer class which introduces all the instruments in the orchestra and begins teaching rhythm and note reading.

For Age 7, we offer beginning violin in 30 minute in-person private lessons on Saturday mornings.

For Age 8+ (new beginners):

  • Violin - 30 minute in-person private lessons on Saturday mornings

  • Viola - Please start on violin this semester and move to viola later.

  • Cello - 30 minute online private lessons -- Parent must be available during the lesson for ages 8-10.

  • Winds - Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone - 30 minute in-person private lessons on Monday evenings.

  • Percussion, Guitar - 1 hour small online group class

  • Piano, Voice, Ukulele, Art - 30 minute online private lessons

For Age 8+ (at least one previous semester of instruction):

  • Violin - 1 hour small online group class or 30 minute online private lessons.

  • Viola, Cello, Bass - 30 minute online private lessons

  • Winds / Percussion / Guitar - 1 hour small online group class or 30 minute online private lessons.

  • Piano, Voice, Ukulele, Art - 30 minute online private lessons

Electives for Age 8+ (for those who already play an instrument):

  • Music Theory - 30 minute group class

  • Performance Anxiety Workshop - 1 hour group class

  • Aural Skills - 30 minute group class

  • Music History / Appreciation - 1 hour group class

  • Recorder Ensemble - 45 minute group class - by invitation only (request an invitation in the comments box)

Through our contract with the VSA/Kennedy Center, Scrollworks is able to provide supplemental instruction to students with disabilities so that they are able to participate fully in classes and ensembles with their peers. There is no additional cost for this additional instruction. Please note whether your student has a disability on the registration form. You may explain in the comments. This information remains confidential.

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