Fall 2022

Best attended orientation since Fall 2019! We really enjoyed meeting our new families!

Registration for Fall 2022 is closed. We will not be adding new students at this time.
Feel free to browse through this page to get an idea of what we will be offering for Spring 2022.
Registration for spring will begin mid-December.
To be notified when registration opens,
click here.

Ms. Goforth is working to get schedules out to Monday students. Please monitor your inbox for any emails that might need response.

Here are opportunities that are still open:
5:00 pm - Jazz Ensemble with Gab Colvert (At least 1 yr on instrument)
5:00 pm - Beginning woodwinds (flute, clarinet)
6:00 pm - Beginning brass (trumpet, trombone)
6:00 pm - Music Theory
7:00 pm - Strings with 1 -2 yrs of instruction
7:00 pm - Orchestra (2+ yrs of instruction)

9:00 am - Instrument Explorer (age 6+)
9:00 am - String Basics (Violin for age 7)
9:00 am - Beginning Guitar
10:00 am Beginning Violin
10:00 am Beginning Winds
10:00 am Beginning Percussion
10:00 am - Beginning Choir (age 6 to 8)
11:00 a
m - Strings with 1 -2 yrs of instruction
11:00 am -
Guitar with 1 -2 yrs of instruction
11:00 am - Percussion with 1-2 yrs of instruction
1:00 pm - Winds with 1-2 yrs of instruction

11:00 am - Choir (age 8+)
12:00 pm - Music Theory
:00 pm - Orchestra (2+ yrs of instruction)

Piano is full.
We have a few private violin lessons available for intermediate and advanced students--in person and online.

This fall Scrollworks is offering group instruction and ensembles for orchestral instruments (winds, strings and percussion), piano and guitar to children ages 6 to 18, including students with disabilities.

All classes, lessons and ensembles will be in-person at St. Paul UMC on either Monday evenings (between 4 pm and 8 pm) or on Saturdays (between 9 am and 3 pm). Please
contact us about online lessons.

fall program consists of 12 classes/lessons, a mid-semester jury day, a final performance weekend with an all-day recital camp followed by a formal Solo Recital and a formal Concert for the group classes and ensembles.

Group classes, ensembles and orchestra are 60 minutes.
Private lessons, music theory and recorder ensemble are 30 minutes.
We serve a free lunch at noon on most teaching Saturdays for our families, staff and church members.

The semester calendar is on the home page.
Click here for a printable version. (Thanks to Dane Lawley!)
Please do not register if you
know your child will miss more than 2 lesson days.

Orientation for new families will be Saturday,
August 20 at 9 am. This will include string instrument sizing, a music theory assessment test and a basic introduction to our program.

Participation in the solo recital and/or the ensemble concert is required. Please put this on your calendar and plan to attend. (Out-of-town online students may submit a video.)

Recital Camp is required to participate in the ensemble concert. Please put this on your calendar and plan to attend.

Fees for 12 lessons/classes + jury + concert:

  • $85 per instrument for group classes and for out-of-town students

  • $85 to participate in Orchestra with free (online or in-person) private lessons on orchestra instrument

  • $25 for music theory

  • Ensembles are free: Monday Jazz Ensemble, Choir, Recorder

  • $120 for Piano lessons

  • $120 for private lessons for advanced students choosing not to participate in Orchestra (for cello, violin, drumset, etc.)

We loan instruments (if available) for a $25 refundable deposit.
Scrollworks encourages our students to use this loaned instrument in their school band or orchestra as long as they continue to fully participate in classes and ensembles at Scrollworks.


Classes for Each Child's Age and Skill:

Age as of Aug. 1, 2022. Exceptions made on a case-by-case basis.

For Age 6, we offer an Instrument Explorer class on Saturday mornings. The class focuses on a different instrument family each semester and begins teaching rhythm and note reading.

For Age 7, we offer beginning violin classes on Monday evenings and Saturdays.

Choir for
Ages 6 & 7:
·In-person on Saturdays at 10 am
Age 8+ (new beginners):
Violin - Group classes are available on Monday evenings and Saturdays
Viola - In-person private lessons on Saturdays.
Cello - Group class on Monday evenings - limited availability

Winds - Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba - Group class on Monday evenings and Saturdays. French horn, Saxophone, Oboe and Bassoon - Group class on Saturdays.
(Limited availability to loan for tuba, saxophone, oboe and bassoon.)

Percussion - In-person group class on Saturdays
Guitar - In-person group class on Saturdays.
Beginning Piano - In-person private lessons on Monday evenings and Saturdays. Limited availability
Age 8+ (at least one previous semester of instruction):
Violin - Group classes - placement based on skill level, Monday evenings and Saturdays. Online private lessons.
Viola - 30 minute private lessons on Mondays & Saturdays. Online private lessons.
Cello - Online private lessons for returning students only

Winds - In-person group classes - placement based on skill level, Monday evenings, and Saturdays.

Percussion - Group class on Saturdays.
Guitar - Group classes - placement based on skill level, offered on Saturdays. Online private lessons for select returning students.
Piano - In-person private lessons with very limited availability. Online private lessons for returning students only.

Choir for Age 8+:
·In-person on Saturdays

Orchestra for Age 8+ (at least one year of instruction):
By audition. (We will contact you.) Schedule coordinated with instrument instruction. Rehearsal on Monday evenings and Saturdays. (May attend either or both.)

Jazz Ensemble for Age 8+ (at least one year of instruction):

Elective for Age 8+ (for those who already play an instrument):
Music Theory - 30 minute group classes on Mondays and Saturdays.
Premier Recorder Ensemble - 30 minute rehearsal on Saturdays. By invitation from Dane Lawley. Email to inquire

Through our contract with the VSA/Kennedy Center, Scrollworks is able to provide supplemental instruction to students with disabilities so that they are able to participate fully in classes and ensembles with their peers. There is no additional cost for this instruction. Please note whether your student has a disability on the registration form. You may explain in the comments. This information remains confidential.

Click here for questions. ( question@myorch.org )

Please provide additional information you think we should know in the comment section of the registration form.

Registrations are processed in the order received. Ms. Goforth may email you with questions, so please watch your spam folder for that. She will send your family schedule b
efore your first day of class.

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