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Registration is closed. Registration for Spring 2016 will begin mid-December. To get notification of when the form is posted for spring, sign up for the newsletter on the home page.
We offer group instruction and ensembles for orchestral instruments to children ages 6 to 18. Private lessons on orchestral instruments are offered at no cost to students participating in the youth orchestra. Through our contract with the VSA/Kennedy Center, students with disabilities receive free supplemental instruction. 

Fall classes/lessons/rehearsals are once per week for 12 weeks. There is also a jury week for evaluation. Recital Camp on the final Saturday (December 17). There is a piano and voice recital that evening and the semester concert for orchestral instruments on the following Sunday. All students wishing to participate in the concert on Sunday must attend the Recital Camp.

We are strict about attendance. Only two absences are allowed per semester. No make up unless we cancel (if absolutely necessary due to weather). Calendar is on the Home tab. (Note: Have not added expanded teaching days--Thursdays and Fridays--resulting from PlayUSA support yet!)

New Student Orientation is Saturday, August 20th:
  • 9 am - String Instrument Sizing
  • 9:30 am - Music Theory test for new students - Required
  • 10 am - General Info for New Families - Required (30 min)

Instruments: We will loan instruments (if available) for a $25 deposit, refundable upon return of the instrument. Please note that we expect students to commit to their instrument for one full school year before considering a change. (We do not have pianos/keyboards to loan. Other instruments with limited availability, such as oboe, bassoon and bass, are available through a lottery system to students currently in good standing with the program.) 

Integrated Experience Credits: Each semester, all students are required to attend 2 live music performances outside of Scrollworks. We will ask students to turn in a short report on each. We will provide information on free concerts and we often are offered free tickets by local arts organizations including the Alabama Symphony Orchestra and Opera Birmingham. 

Auditions for the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra will be held by appointment. Please email orchestra director Sara Tucker for more information.

Group classes & orchestra are $65 total for the semester. Choir, chamber ensemble and percussion ensemble are free. Music theory & ASFA track elective classes are $35.

Private Lessons: 
Private Wind, String and Percussion lessons are only available to members of the orchestra or as supplemental instruction through the VSA or PlayUSA programs. There is no additional charge for these lessons.

Piano and Voice lessons are offered as electives (for a maximum of 4 semesters) to students studying orchestral instruments. These lessons are offered on a sliding scale from $10 to $25 per lesson based on family size and income.

Mondays - 4 to 8 pm
Violin lessons and classes (Age 7+)
Percussion lessons and classes (Age 10+)
Wind (Brass & woodwinds) lessons for orchestra members
ASFA Track for students planning to audition in 2017
Instrument Explorer (Age 6)
Metropolitan Youth Orchestra

Thursdays - 4 to 8 pm
Violin, Viola, Cello lessons and classes (Age 7+)
Winds (Brass and Woodwinds) lessons and classes (Age 8+)
Electric Violin lessons (for violinists, must have finished AFS Book #1 or equivalent)
Chamber Ensemble

 - 4 to 8 pm
Piano, Voice, Wind (Brass & woodwinds) and Percussion Lessons (Age 8+)
Music Appreciation (All ages), Rhythhm/Percussion* (Age 8+), Instrument Explorer (Age 6)

Saturday - 9 to 3 pm
Winds (Brass & woodwinds), Strings (Violin, viola, cello, bass) and Percussion lessons and classes (Age 8+)
Strings Basics (Age 7)
Instrument Explorer (Age 6)
Choir (All ages), Chamber ensemble, Percussion ensemble
Rhythm/Percussion Class* (Age 8+)
Piano & Voice Lessons (Age 8+)
Music Theory (Age 8+)
ASFA Track for students auditioning in 2018

*Rhythm/Percussion class includes basic music theory, music reading and bucket percussion. This class is ideal for children unsure of which instrument they are interested in studying.

All registrations will be processed in the order received. Your child's registration will be personally customized to suit, so please be patient!


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