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Donate Books, Collectibles & More

Garage sale too much work? Want to help a cause you can relate to?

Scrollworks is experimenting with fundraising through selling non-music items on eBay!

Your gently used books and collectibles (and almost anything else!) can now provide music lessons and instruments for children who otherwise would not have access--and you can get a tax deduction for your donation.

We will gladly accept the following (and similar) items:

Comic Books
Action Figures/Fashion Dolls/Dolls/Doll Clothes
Matchbox Cars
Collectible Brands (such as Disney, American Girl)
Sewing and Craft Supplies
Vintage and Name Brand Clothing

But, seriously, we'll give anything a try! Maybe we CAN fund music lessons by selling old stuff on the internet!

If you would like to donate items like these, you may bring them to:
c/o St. Paul United Methodist Church
1500 6th Ave N
Birmingham, AL 35203

Check our calendar on the front page for business hours.

Or, of course, you can mail your stuff. 

We will provide a receipt for tax purposes.

Questions? Email us.